Project Management from A to Z


Space Planning

Which Architects handles the project details, outlining the projects, designs and planning to the high standards of AIA by using the latest technologies so that projects will be completed internally, guaranteeing quality standards and adherence to deadlines to maximize your comfort capacity in your restaurant, hotel room, office and even in your lovely home.


Which our craftsmen been well trained to value every single detail and trying their best to reach perfection, giving you a perfect space to use and live is on our shoulders

Supplying building material

Which most successful stories in ceramic world coming from Spain and Italy with the highest European standards to add value  and luxury, perfect touches to your space with our wide collection of ceramic, porcelain, sanitary wa re that you can choose to add life to your living as well as working space...  
Marble / Granite has been our specialty since we are dealing with countries like Brazil, India, China, Oman, Spain and Italy to bring our large collection and choices of the fines t stones available around the globe since 1987 to bring you the best

Interior designing and decorating

Giving you meaning to any small piece tail and making it precious in world, our architects role is to create an extra  Ordinary looking space that you can fully utilize

Turn Key Solutions

Since Glass Cube Interiors is a firm which deals with  Designs, Materials, Execution and Furnishing so all you need sit back and let us take the responsibility to create your world


UAE Office

Phone: +971 4 283 4420
Fax :    +971 4 283 4430

Iraq Office

Email: info,

phone: +967 7803337773

            +964 7803337774

UAE Office

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Garhoud, Near Welcare Hospital

15 53 Street, Al Mazroui Bldg
P.O. Box: 40600

Iraq Office

Baghdad, Al-Duraa

Alhayat Mall, first floor 

Sat - Wed: 9am - 6pm

Thursday: 9am - 2pm

Friday: Close

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